Hey! Thank you for checking out the site! I am in the midst of a bit of renovation and renewal. Check out my upcoming shows, tunes, and check back soon for more info.


Upcoming Shows

10/28  Miciah’s, Mooresville, NC      9pm
10/29  MoJo’s, Corneilius, NC      9pm
10/30  Bathtub Gin, Mooresville, NC      9pm
11/4   Relm, Carlsbad, CA                           6:30pm
11/11  Miciah’s, Mooresville, NC                  9pm
11/12  MoJo’s, Corneilius, NC                      9pm
11/13  Bathtub Gin, Mooresville, NC             9pm
11/17  PB Cantina, Pacific Beach, CA          8:30pm
11/21  Witch Creek Winery, Carlsbad, CA   4pm